What's the Objective?

This game is made for exploring and creating. The only objectives for the game are the ones you choose for yourself.

How does multi-player work?

If you're on the same screen as someone else, you'll see each other typing in real-time. This means you can talk with strangers, collaborate on a drawing together, or play games like tic-tac-toe or pictionary.

How do you play?

Type any letter anywhere you want. Share poetry or life advice. Or use the letters to draw things.

Press ENTER on a letter to create a doorway to another screen. There will be a prompt for a screen number. The default is a random number, and should work fine. However, if you want to go to an existing screen, you'll have to copy and paste that screen's number.

To copy a screen number from another screen, simply go to that screen and click the screen number on the top-left of the screen.

Why is the text disappearing?

The text constantly updates from the database, but the database doesn't seem to write-read quick enough to keep up with the user's typing. I'm still working on a work-around.

Why is the screen flashing?

I have no idea. Sometimes it seems to get stuck switching back and forth between two screens. It could have to do with your internet connection, I haven't figured it out. Try crossing your fingers and refreshing the page. If you have any ideas, please contact me!

How can I contact the creator?

You can email me at russellj@tuta.io

Is that all?

It may sound simple, but the possibilities are endless!

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